All these Forex products are licensed and you can get all of them absolutely for free

How It Works

MyfxPlay - is a central store of all Forex robots and signals from experienced traders who meet our quality standards. With us you will always have access to the best trading systems and always aware of all the updates of the market Forex. And the main thing that all products are licensed and available to you absolutely free of charge!

So how does it work? If you are familiar with the Forex environment, then you probably know about the Introducing Broker (IB) - is a partnership program with a broker. By registering with us, you become our client for the broker and for this broker will pay dividends to us. This does not affect your trading and does not charge you any additional fees. All is exactly the same as for a regular registration with a broker. These dividends from a broker we give to the owners of all the products we have. So you get all our Forex products for free, which typically cost $ 100 to $ 500 apiece.

How is work our forex store

To become our client, you just need to register that consist of three simple steps. As our customer, you'll be able to download any product in our store without any additional requirements or data. All products always have the latest version from the developers and are updated automatically, directly in your Meta Trader terminal.

About us

MyfxPlay team is constantly working to improve the service. Regularly adding new products and developing cooperation with other brokers. As our customer you will get access to the best that is in the Forex market and will always be aware of the latest innovations and developments!

We are interested in what you would have been successful, as opposed to those projects where the products are sold because as first they are primarily interested in the number of sales, not in your success. In our situation more and longer you earn, the more our company and the authors of the products that we have presented will earn. That is why we carefully choose the best advisors for you be satisfied.

Our goal is to create a one-stop service, which is so convenient to customers and partners that would not make sense to look for a good product anywhere else except MyfxPlay.

We try to be open and work clearly for you as it’s possible. If you have any other questions please contact us and we will gladly answer on all your questions.