All these Forex products are licensed and you can get all of them absolutely for free


How does the systems work that I downloaded from you?

- We provide a system that is customized to reflect each individual advisor or signals and repeats exactly all their actions. This is the best way to repeating the same result as the author of the system. You get all the updates that authors systems directs to your MT. Our unique ability to make an exact copy of trades has a delay between the discovery of a order from the author on the account and on your account, only 0.5-1 seconds. And that is the most accurate and fast result on the Forex market.

How to use Trader Signals?

- Signals from the traders arrive at the expert advisor that you have downloaded. It should be set in the same way as all the Forex robots and it will receive signals from the trader directly to your MetaTrader 4.

Why can’t I do backtest advisor?

  - Downloaded advisor from our site does not have the technical ability to do backtest.

How long will I be able to use the EAs / Trader Signals?

- All products received in our store work without time limit but only as long as you are trading with brokers that were registered through us.

How many systems can I download / use?

- Downloading and using the system is not limited. Feel free!

How did you get all of these trading systems?

- We have an agreement with all authors of these systems. Therefore all products in MyfxPlay legal and have the support from the creators.

How do you earn on it, if it’s all free?

- Once you are registered with a broker using our referral link, we receive from its dividends. It does not affect your terms of trade and does not charge you any additional fees.

I have a great trading system, how can I start working with you?

- It’s very simple to start working with us. Click on this link for more information about Partner registration.

Why the trading system that I downloaded does not work through another broker?

- All the systems work only through those brokers who you registered through our service.

What if I have already registered with a broker and do not want to register with the new one?

- You can contact your broker and ask them to reregister you at our company, giving him our ID or referral link, which you can find in the second step of registration.

What difference will it make for me to trade through the broker with whom I have registered through you?

- Everything will be exactly the same as for a regular registration. No difference for you and no additional fees.